The Vegan Candy Company

Large Pear Drops.JPG

We're so excited to be launching The Vegan Candy Company. We hope you like what you see and follow us to find out what other vegan delights we can bring you in the future. 

I’m going to start this blog off with a little series reviewing various vegan sweets—and then we’ll see where it leads. Let’s begin with one of our own offerings: the large pear drops. 

Now, I already know what you’re thinking: How can I be impartial if I'm reviewing one of our own scrumptious sweets? Well, I’m asking you, vegan to vegan, to pearsevere with me. I solemnly swear to try my best to be compassionately honest with you throughout this blog. 

Our large pear drops are a traditional slightly sticky hard boiled sweet. The yellow and pink colours pop to give a great contrast. I expect that from an old favourite. 

When eating a pear drop the first thing I taste is the banana bubblegum tang, made more scrumptious by the grainy texture of the sugar coating. This leaves a kind of pop in my mouth and forms a pearfect match of flavours. 

Our pear drops are the larger variety, so you get a delicious burst of sweet pear and ripe banana (or a candied bubble-gum tang of banana) flavour that will last for quite a while—if you can resist biting through them! 

So, whether you like hard boiled sweets or not, give these a try. They are refreshing, vegan, and delicious. How do they compear to your favourites?

The Vegan Candy Team