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We donate 5% of our profits to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary
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About Us

We believe that yummy sweets should be enjoyed by everyone, so we've created our own Vegan candy source of deliciousness. Vegan candy contains no ingredients derived from animals—no dairy, no gelatine, no honey, and no bone-char refined sugar (and we think that's pretty sweet). We are determined to bring you old classics and new tastes from around the world! With just the two of us here we are working on building our business in order to give back to animal rescue charities and to make plant-based confectionery the norm.

We donate 5% of our profits to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary. Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary mainly rescues farmed animals, though it takes in any animal of any species in need of help.

You can find more information about this amazing sanctuary by clicking here.

We also believe that sustainability is important. We love our planet and all the creatures on it. And that’s why we’re working hard behind the scenes to use as much eco-friendly packaging as possible.


Meet the creators of the Vegan Candy Company, Joanna and Lorraine. Both are passionate about sweets and veganism.  

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I am a big foodie with a passion for all things retro and antique. My work has enabled me to travel around Europe, and along the way I've discovered lots of amazing vegan foods. I'm now focusing my efforts on sharing our inspired goodies with all of you!



As a tutor, I lead a busy lifestyle, but I always have time for a sweet treat. I've always wanted to bring all my favourite treats together and stop the endless searching for those hidden vegan gems. There are so many non-vegan options out there, but I want to bring the same variety to our niche of the market.